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Coin Exchange

Coin Exchange Guidance

1. Log in KEX ( or ).

2. Go “Assets” → select the coin you want to deposit. Read the Tips carefully, copy the address and remark to the other platform or wallet, check the amount(≥ the minimum amount) and address then submit.                                            


3. Take BTC/USDT as an example.

①Click “Exchange” then click BTC/USDT pair, you’ll see the trade page of this trading pair.

②Check the current price of BTC then trade → Scroll down to the trade section.




1.Order records of the platform

2.Trade area to buy BTC

3. Trade area to sell BTC

4.Your order records

5. Other users’ sell orders

6. Other users’ buy orders



③ The trade area by default shows the of the highest price of buy orders or lowest price of sell orders. According to the BTC price, set the price and amount of your order.


④ If your order is displayed in the trade area, it is submitted successfully. Through the matching mechanism, your order will be executed automatically if there are counter orders with a matching price of your order.