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APP Tutorial

APP Tutorial

1.Personal Center ——Main functions in Personal Center

2. Registration——Register with phone number or email

3. Real-Name Authentication——Go“Personal Center” – “User Center” – “Real-name Authentication” – “Submit”

4. Set Trade Password——Go “Personal Center” – “User Center” – “Trade Password” to set your trade password.

5. Deposit——Go “Personal Center” – “Account Center” to deposit 

6. Trade——Market→>> Select the coin/pair you want to trade.

Take BTC/USDT as an example.

① Touch the BTC logo in the “Markets” list.

② In the BTC trade page, you will see the market information about BTC/USDT pair.

③ The trade area by default shows the of the highest price of buy orders or lowest price of sell orders. According to the BTC price, set the price and amount of your order.

④ If your order is displayed in the order list, it is submitted successfully. Through the matching mechanism, your order will be executed automatically if there are counter orders with a matching price of your order.

⑤ You can cancel your orders in the “Orders” list by clicking “Cancel”. For partly executed orders, only the unexecuted part will be canceled.

 7. Withdrawal——Go “Personal Center” – “Account Center” to withdraw