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Deposit coins that require UID remark/note

Please follow the instructions below when depositing such coins as XEM, XAS, TV, ACT, RIA that require UID remarks, otherwise your deposit may not be credited: (Taking XEM as an example)


1) Click “Assets”, find the XEM bar and click “Deposit” to get XEM deposit address and the remark information.


2) Go to your XEM wallet or other platform. Add the XEM deposit address you get from KEX then fill in the remark bar with(your KEX account UID): xxxxxx

※Be sure to fill in the remarks, no remarks or incorrect remarks may cause losses of your assets.

3) Why is remark/note required?

Most exchanges will require remarks when users withdraw because users' XEM assets are distinguished by remarks. Therefore, when depositing, you need to add a label(remark) to prove who the asset belongs to, otherwise the asset may not be credited.