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KEX Is Supporting SYMBOL Migration and Swap of XEM
Publish time: Mar 9, 2020 5:37:48 PM

Dear users,


KEX has been aimed to provide secure and convenient trading services to our users. At the time of SYMBOL Migration (by NEM Core Team, Foundation, NEM Studios, and NEM Ventures), KEX will be the first exchange to support it and the swap between SYMBOL and XEM. In order to get prepared for any technical and community upgrades of NEM chain, and to ensure the shift towards the new network, KEX will move XEM to “KEX Next” market at 14:00 on March 12(UTC+8). XEM deposit, withdrawal and trade will not be affected.



1. At the time requested by the Migration team for the snapshot, KEX will swap the tokens for users autocratically.

2. You will have the same amount of SYMBOL tokens as you have XEM tokens at the time of the snapshot.

3. Specific time of  snapshot will be subject to further announcement.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


KEX is always cooperative to the technology upgrade of the project teams and strives to create better experience for users. Thanks again for the support of all users, we will keep professional and proactive.


If any questions, please contact: [email protected] ; For complaints or suggestions, please contact: [email protected]


KEX Operations

March 9, 2020