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KEX Pool Launched New Cloud Mining Product Filecoin
Publish time: Jul 20, 2020 6:27:21 PM

Dear users,

KEX Pool has launched Filecoin, a new cloud mining product to meet users' demand for it. 


Price: 259 USDT/T

Contract Term: 360 Days

Management Fee: 20%

Electricity Fees: 0

Settlement: T+1

Product Link:


Product Features:

Upgrade Fee: Free upgrade of software and hardware

Full refund if Filecoin mainnet is not launched

Full refund if the coins cannot be mined after mainnet launched

Continue mining free of charge if the payback period exceeds 1 year

Token Information:

Name: Filecoin

Symbol: FIL

Total Supply: 2 billion

Official Website:


Project Brief:

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a global, peer-to-peer distributed version of the file system aiming to fill up (or even replace) the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) that currently dominates the Internet, and connects all the computing terminals of the same file systems. Using content-based address instead of domain name based address, users are no longer looking for a certain address, but for the content stored in a certain place. Only the hash of the content is verified, without the bother to verify the sender identity, the web page will become faster, more secure, more stable and longer lasting.


Filecoin is the incentive layer on IPFs. It builds a decentralized storage market on IPFS through token incentive model. 


Thanks for supporting KEX! If any questions, please contact: [email protected] ; For complaints or suggestions, please contact: [email protected]



RISK WARNING】Digital asset is a new kind of investment product still in its primary stage of development. There could be various risks in this market (e.g. technical defects, price fluctuations etc.). Users should be fully aware of the risks and make discreet investment decisions. KEX is a neutral trading platform established under the legal framework of the Republic of Singapore,aiming to satisfy the trading demands of digital asset investors and is not liable for the review, warranty or compensation of the asset value. 

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July 20, 2020