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User Agreement

i.User will reach the KEX User Agreement (the "Agreement") with KEX by clicking on the "Agree " button on the KEX registration page and completing the registration process to obtain a KEX Account and Password.

ii.KEX and the user have carefully read and understood all the terms of the KEX User Agreement, the legal statements and operating rules promulgated by KEX and accept and agree the foresaid to be the basis for determining the rights and obligations of both parties. KEX "Legal Statements" is an integral part of this Agreement. By accepting this Agreement, user  accept the entire contents of KEX Legal Statements. This agreement includes the text and various rules, notices and clarifications that KEX has released or may release in the future. All the rules, statements and explanations are integral parts of the agreement and have the same legal effect as the body of the agreement.

iii. This Agreement does not cover the legal relationships and disputes arising from the transaction of virtual currencies between KEX users and other users.


1. Definitions

1.1. "Virtual Currency": A virtual commodity such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

1.2. "KEX": The virtual currency trading platform operated and managed by KEX, the domain name is WWW.KEX.CM. KEX provides online trading services for virtual currency players through the online trading platform. In the following text of this agreement, "KEX" refers to both the online trading platform (WWW.KEX.CM) and KEX Corporation.

1.3. "User": KEX registered member who accepts and agrees all the terms of this Agreement and the legal terms and operating rules that KEX publishes and updates from time to time and conducts virtual currency trading through KEX.

1.4. "User Registration": User Registration refers to the process by which a user logs in to KEX, completes the relevant information as required, and confirms the agreement to perform the relevant user agreement.

1.5. "Virtual Currency Trading": The virtual currency trading activity performed by the user through KEX.

1.6. "Deposit amount": the amount of the legal currency / virtual currency pre-charged to the KEX platform by the user for purchasing the virtual currency/ selling the virtual currency.

1.7. "Fees": Transaction fee, withdrawal fee and other charges of the user on KEX.


2. User Registration

2.1. Eligibility

User undertakes that the user has full civil rights and abilities, if not, by clicking on the Register button, the user is deemed to be agreed and represented by his/her legal representative in registering KEX and applying KEX services.

2.2. Purpose of Registration

User promises that user registration is not for the purpose of violating laws and regulations or destroying the virtual currency trading order of KEX.

2.3. Registration Process

2.3.1. The User agrees to provide valid E-mail and other information according to the KEX user registration page, and set the KEX account and password. The user shall ensure the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of all the information provided.

2.3.2. The users who legally, completely and effectively provide the information required for registration are entitled to the KEX account and password. KEX account and password are required when the user logs in to KEX.

2.3.3. When the user obtains the KEX account and password, he or she registered successfully. The user agrees to receive emails and / or messages sent by KEX relating to the management and operation of KEX.

2.3.4 After the registration is completed, the user can make a virtual currency transaction and provide the information as required or perform video authentication.


3. Customer Service

KEX provide users with virtual currency trading services through KEX platform. KEX does not participate in virtual currency trading as a buyer or seller.

3.1. Scope of Service

3.1.1. The user has the right to view virtual currency real-time quotes and trading information on KEX, and the right to submit virtual currency trading orders and conclude transactions through KEX.

3.1.2. The user has the right to view the information in his/her KEX account at KEX and to operate though the functions provided by KEX.

3.1.3. Users have the right to participate in KEX activities in accordance with the rules of activity issued by KEX.

3.1.4. Other services KEX promises to provide to users.

3.2. Service Rules

User promises to comply with the following KEX service rules:

3.2.1. Users shall comply with laws and regulations, normative documents and policies, ensure the legitimacy of all funds and virtual currency in his/her account, and shall not engage in illegal activities or other activities that may be harmful to KEX or third party interests when using the services of KEX, activities such as: sending or receiving any information that violates the law, violates public order, infringes the rights and interests of others; sending or receiving materials or other information or statements that are otherwise harmful; and using or forging KEX e-mail titles without KEX authorization.

3.2.2. Users should abide by the laws and regulations, properly use and keep their KEX account and login password, funds password, the mobile number bound when registering and the verification code received by the mobile phone. The user takes full responsibility for any operation and consequence of using his/her KEX account and password, funds password, and mobile verification code. When a user finds his/her KEX account, password, or funds password, verification code is used by a third party without his/her authorization, or if there are other account security issues, the user shall promptly notify KEX and request KEX to suspend the service of his/her KEX account. KEX reserves the right to take action upon the user's request within a reasonable time but does not assume any liability whatsoever for the user's losses prior to the actions of KEX. Users may not give, lend, rent, assign or otherwise transfer KEX accounts to others without the consent of KEX.

3.2.3. Users shall comply with the user agreement and other terms of service and operating rules published and updated by KEX from time to time. 


4.  Virtual Currency Trading Rules

The user undertakes to comply with the following KEX virtual currency trading rules as they process virtual currency transactions with other users through KEX.

4.1. View transaction information

When viewing the virtual currency transaction information on KEX, the user should carefully read all the contents contained in the transaction information, including but not limited to the virtual currency price, open order amount, open order fee, buying or selling direction, and the user fully accepts the information contained in the transaction information. After all the content is confirmed, user may click on the button to trade.

4.2. Submit Open Orders

After the transaction information is confirmed, the user can submit the open orders. After the user submits the open orders, the user authorizes KEX to make the corresponding matching transaction. KEX will automatically complete the matching transaction without any advance notice to the user when there is a transaction satisfying the user commissioned price.

4.3 Check Transaction Details

Users can view the transaction records in the management center to make sure their transaction details.

4.4 Revocation / Modification Orders

When the open orders are not completed, user has the right to withdraw or modify the orders at any time.


5. Rights And Obligations of User

5.1 User has the right to accept the virtual currency transaction service provided by KEX in accordance with this Agreement.

5.2 The user has the right to terminate using KEX at any time.

5.3 The user has the right to withdraw his/her account balances from KEX at any time, but shall pay the corresponding withdrawal fee.

5.4 The user is responsible for the authenticity, validity and security of the personal information provided upon registration.

5.5 Users shall not maliciously interfere with the normal operation of the virtual currency transaction when conducting virtual currency transactions on KEX, or destroy the transaction order.

5.6 Users shall not interfere with the normal operation of KEX or interfere with the use of KEX services by other users through any technical or other methods.

5.7 User who is involved in litigation against other users due to online trading, shall not request relevant materials from KEX through means other than  Jurisdiction or administration.

5.8 Users shall not damage KEX goodwill maliciously.


6. Rights And Obligations of KEX

6.1 KEX reserves the right to refuse the user's registration or to cancel the registered account if the user does not have the registration qualification stipulated in this agreement. If KEX suffers a loss therefore, KEX reserves the right to claim compensation against such user or the legal representative. In the meantime, KEX reserves the right to decide whether or not to accept user registration under any other circumstances.

6.2 KEX reserves the right to suspend the relevant account when it discovers that the user of the account is not the original registrant.

6.3 If, by means of technical testing, manual sampling and other testing methods, KEX reasonably suspects that the information provided by the user is inaccurate, false, invalid or incomplete, KEX has the right to notify the user to correct or update the information, or to suspend or terminate the provision of KEX services.

6.4 KEX reserves the right to correct any error information found on the platform.

6.5 KEX reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate KEX services at any time without prior notice to the user. When KEX terminates one or more services on the platform, such termination shall take effect on the day that KEX publishes the relevant announcement on the website.

6.6 KEX should take necessary technical measures and management measures to ensure the normal operation of the KEX platform and provide necessary and reliable trading environment and services to maintain the transaction order of virtual currency.

6.7 If the user did not use his/her KEX account or log in to KEX for one year or longer, KEX reserves the right to cancel the user's KEX account. After the account is canceled, KEX reserves the right to distribute the corresponding account name to other users for registration.

6.8 By increasing technical input, improving safety precautions and other measures, KEX protect users' funds and virtual currency security. KEX is obligated to notify the user in advance when there are foreseeable risks.

6.9 During and after the performance of this Agreement, KEX reserves the right to retain the user's registration information and all transaction information in the KEX service period but shall not use it for any illegal purpose.

6.10. KEX reserves the right to delete any content of KEX website that does not conform to the national laws and regulations, normative documents or KEX requirements at any time without advance notice to the user.

6.11. KEX has the right to temporarily disable the abnormal account in order to maintain the user's transaction security.


7. Special Statement

7.1 To the extent permitted by law, KEX shall not be liable for any damages and failure/delay in services caused by information network equipment maintenance, hacking, failure of information network connection, breakdown of computer, power failure, strike, labor dispute, insurrection, uprising, riots, lack of productivity or means of production, fires, floods, storms, explosions, war, acts of government, orders of the judiciary, other force majeure or omissions by third parties


8. Intellectual Property

8.1 All intellectual property rights of intellectual achievements, including but not limited to website logo, database, website design, text and graphics, software, photos, videos, music, sound and combinations thereof, as well as software compilation, related source code and software (including mini programs and scripts) are owned by KEX. Users shall not copy, change, send or use any of the foregoing materials or content for commercial purposes.

All rights contained in the

8.2 All rights contained in the name of KEX (including but not limited to goodwill and trademarks, logos) are the property of KEX Corporation.

8.3 By accepting this Agreement, the user will be deemed to voluntarily transfer the copyright of any published information on KEX platform to KEX on its own initiative which including but not limited to: copyrights, distribution rights, rental rights, exhibition rights, performance rights, right of broadcasting, right of network communication, filming, adaptation, translation, compilation and other transferable rights that should be enjoyed by the copyright owner. KEX reserves the right to sue any tort independently and claim full compensation. This Agreement shall take effect as of the date of publication of any content protected by copyright law, whether published before or after the signing of this Agreement.

8.4 Users shall not illegally use the intellectual property of KEX or others when using KEX services. Users may not post or authorize the use of the content published on KEX to other websites (and media) in any form.


 9. Customer Service

KEX has established a professional customer service team and a complete customer service system, which guarantees the quick answering to user questions and complaints from the technical, personnel and institutional aspects, and provides users with timely troubleshooting and complaint feedback.


10. Change and Termination of the Agreement

10.1. Change of Agreement: KEX reserves the right to change the contents of this Agreement or other terms of service and operating rules promulgated by KEX at any time. Upon change, KEX shall make an announcement prominently within KEX platform. The change shall take effect upon the time of  announcement. If user continues to use the services provided by KEX, it is deemed that he/she agrees to the change. If the user does not agree with the changed content, the user has the right to cancel the KEX account and stop using KEX service.

10.2. Termination of the Agreement

10.2.1 KEX reserves the right to cancel the KEX account of the user according to this Agreement, and this Agreement shall be terminated on the day when the account is canceled.

10.2.2. KEX reserves the right to terminate all KEX services as agreed in this Agreement. This Agreement shall terminate upon the termination of all services of KEX.

10.2.3. After the termination of this agreement, user has no right to request KEX to continue to provide any service or perform any other obligations to him/her, including but not limited to requiring KEX to retain or disclose any information in the original KEX account, or to forward to third parties any information they have not read or sent.

10.2.4. The termination of this Agreement does not affect the observant party in pursuing the legal responsibilities against the default party.


11. Privacy Policy

11.1. Scope of Application

11.1.1. The personal registration information provided by the user according to requirements of KEX when the user registers the KEX account or pays;

11.1.2. The server data on the user's browser that KEX automatically receives and records when user is using KEX service or accessing KEX platform, including but not limited to data such as IP address and webpage record requested by user;

11.1.3. Relevant data collected by KEX for trading on KEX platform, including but not limited to records of bidding and purchase;

11.1.4. Other personal information obtained by KEX through lawful means.

11.2. Information Usage

11.2.1 KEX will not sell or lend user's personal information to anyone except with the prior permission of the user. KEX will not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or gratuitously transmit the user's personal information by any means.

11.3. KEX shall keep confidential customer identification information and transaction information obtained, and shall not provide customer identity information and transaction information to any entity or individual unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations.


12. Anti-Money Laundering

12.1 KEX complies with relevant laws and regulations, identifies users and maintains client identification and transaction records, as well as large and suspicious transaction reports.

12.2 When registering, or reporting the loss of trading password or funds password, the user should provide and upload relevant information, and KEX will identify and distinguish the information provided by the user. When KEX has reasonable grounds to suspect that a user is using false identity, KEX reserves the right to refuse the registration or to cancel the registered account.

12.3 According to relevant regulations,  KEX keep records of large transactions and suspicious transactions. When regulatory bodies require KEX to provide records of the foresaid, KEX will do.

 12.4  KEX keep records of user identity information, large transactions and suspicious transactions. In accordance with relevant laws, KEX will assist and cooperated with the judiciary and administrative law-enforcement agencies in combating money-laundering. KEX will assist the judiciary, the customs and tax authorities in checking balances, block funds and deduct the user deposits according to laws and regulations.


13. Risk Warning

13.1 Virtual currency trading is extremely risky.

13.1.1 The virtual currency market is new, unconfirmed, and may not grow. At present, the virtual currency is mainly used by speculators, while it is relatively under-utilized in the retail and commercial markets. As a result, the price of virtual currency tends to sharply fluctuate and adversely affect the investment of virtual currency.

13.1.2 There is no price limit on the virtual currency market and the trading is open for 24 hours. The price of virtual currency is subject to the dealer control and may rise or fall sharply several times within a day.

13.2 When participating in virtual currency transactions, users should evaluate and control the risk by their own and assuming the risk of losing all funds.

13.3 If the transaction of the virtual currency is suspended or prohibited due to the formulation or modification of the national laws, rules, regulations and normative documents, the economic losses caused hereby shall be borne entirely by the user.


14. Responsibility for Breach of Contract

14.1 KEX or the user who violates the provisions of this agreement constitutes a breach of contract, the breaching party shall bear the liability for breach of contract.

14.2 If there are any losses caused by the untrue, incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the user, KEX reserves the right to claim for compensation against the user.

14.3 If a user violated the laws and regulations or this agreement, and engaged in illegal activities on KEX platform or through KEX services, KEX reserves the right to immediately cease its service to the user, cancel the relevant account, and claim for compensation against the resulting losses.

14.4 KEX reserves the right to cancel user's KEX account immediately and claim for compensation against the resulting losses if the user interferes with the operation of KEX or any other users' use of KEX platform through technical means.

14.5 If users maliciously discredit KEX goodwill by fictitious facts, KEX has the right to request the users for public apology and compensation for any damages he/she caused. And KEX has the right of terminate providing service to the user.


15. Dispute Resolution

15.1 All disputes arising from the execution of, or in connection with, this agreement shall be settled amicably through friendly negotiation. In case no settlement can be reached through negotiation, the case shall then be submitted for arbitration in the place of incorporation of KEX.


16. Effect and Explanations

16.1 When the user clicks the Agree button on the KEX registration page, completes the registration process and obtains the KEX account and password, this agreement shall take effect and is binding on both KEX and the user.

16.2 KEX reserves the right of final interpretation of this agreement.