Attitude of KEX Towards Non-Korean Users Exchanging DC

Dear Users,


In order to provide better services, KEX has recently completed an upgrade and has enabled DC exchange, which, in comparison with KRW, sharply reduced the use-cost. For users in non-Korean region who still hold KRW in account, the system will help them to exchange DC on February 2, 2018, at 12: 00-14: 00 Singapore time (GTM + 8).


Developed, maintained and operated by Eastor Technology Co., Ltd (a limited liability company in Virgin Islands,) DC can be exchanged with certain legal tender at a ratio of 1: 1 and is designed to enhance the user experience and reduce their cost when withdrawing cash via third parties.


For example:

User A has 1000 legal tender in his account. The cost of withdrawing cash through an existing third party is 1.5% (A can get 985 legal tender finally). If A participate in a DC exchange, the cost will be 1.5% minus 1% (A can get 995 legal tender finally).


Thanks for your continuous attention and support. Enjoy your trading on KEX!


KEX meets the compliance requirements of multiple regions and has a broad market globally. In the spirit of reciprocity and mutual benefit, we actively seek for cooperation with high quality digital assets in order to offer more trading options to our users. With the efforts of KEX team and the support from our users, we hope to make KEX better and better!



February 1, 2018