About Starting ETF/USDT Trading Activity

Dear Users,


Since there are over 600 users depositing ETF on KEX, we hereby enabled the USDT deposit and withdrawal at Singapore timeGTM+8 16:00, March 5, 2018. And the ETF/USDT trading activity will begin from 17:00, March 5.


1.About Enabling ETF and ETF Trading Activityhttps://www.kex.com/notice/detail.html?id=404

2. Activity Time: Singapore Time (GMT + 8) 17:00 March 5, 2018 to 17:00 March 10, 2018.


Ethereum Fog (ETF) is the forked chain of Ethereum. We consider that a fork of application value is indispensable to its responsible team. In assessing whether to support the fork, KEX takes full account of the team's ability to support the future development of their project, and will do our utmost to maintain a strict standard for the community and users.


KEX warn our users that there could be great risks in the future development of fork coins and KEX assumes no review, warranty or compensation liabilities herein. Please invest within the risks you can afford.


ETF official websitehttp://www.ethereumfog.org





March 5, 2018